Drag Queens Return to SAC to Perform at Phillips Hall

  Santa Ana College is hosting Drag-U-Cation —the college’s third drag queen appearance — at Phillips Hall on April 12.

   Five queens will take the stage, putting on a full show and holding a Q&A with the audience afterwards. Alexander Rodriguez, radio host for Universal Broadcasting Network radio show On the Rocks, will be the master of ceremonies.

   “It’s going to be a true show. We’ll have the lights and music. We need some fun,” said Lance Lockwood, the event’s organizer and chair of the SAC communication studies department.

   Lockwood first reached out to queens Twiggy D. Warhol and Wilhelmina Caviar four years ago to have a candid conversation with students in his gender communication class. During the second year, the queens, including newcomer Nomi B, came to SAC, over 30 students greeted them and were treated to an impromptu drag show.

   “Anyone who is interested in seeing drag upfront and not necessarily in a bar setting should come. This is an opportunity to have a deep conversation on why these young men do this and what drew them into it,” Lockwood said.

   Tickets for Drag-U-Cation are $7.99 for SAC students and $10 for the public.

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