Confused Woman Drives Onto Sidewalk At SAC

Laura Garcia/ el Don/

Laura Garcia/ el Don/

A woman turned off a service road and drove more than a hundred feet down a campus walkway Monday night, halting her sedan just shy of hitting the C Building, witnesses said.

The front two wheels of the woman’s gray Dodge Avenger got stuck in the mud directly underneath the outdoor staircase after she entered the northeast corner of campus at about 9:18 p.m.
“This was just an honest accident,” SAC Safety and Security Officer E. Quinones said.

The woman refused to cooperate and declined to comment.

Witnesses said her car was towed off campus. Police were not called.

“From what I understand, the driver came up from the brick walkway and we’re not sure why they ended up where they did but they ended up close to our staircase,” SAC Communication Studies Professor Vera Holder said.