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Older Model Hondas Stolen From Student Parking Lots

Three older-model Hondas were stolen out of Parking Lot 6 and 7 midday Tuesday. Two were later recovered by Santa Ana Police Department though no arrests have been made, officials said.

False Alarm Sends Out Active Shooter Announcement, Causes Panic

A power outage triggered an active shooter announcement Nov. 27, briefly panicking students, faculty and staff.

District Arms 10 More Campus Safety Staff

Ten new armed security personnel members are joining the Rancho Santiago Community College District by the end of this semester, more than doubling the current district-wide armed officer count.

Confused Woman Drives Onto Sidewalk At SAC

A woman turned off a service road and drove more than a hundred feet down a campus walkway Monday night, halting her sedan just shy of hitting the C Building, witnesses said.

Report Involving Suspicious Man on Campus Released

By Joanna Meza The official report for an incident that occurred early March involving a suspect who left a threatening

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  • April 27, 2016

Suspicious Man on Campus Identified

By Joanna Meza An investigation into the suspect who left a threatening note last month is still ongoing, but the