Report Involving Suspicious Man on Campus Released



By Joanna Meza

The official report for an incident that occurred early March involving a suspect who left a threatening note in one of Santa Ana College’s classrooms has been released by district safety and security.

The two-month investigation revealed that the officer on duty did not answer four calls from Communications professor Vera Holder the day of the incident, because she never received them.

The officer was patrolling the campus at the time and surveillance footage shows that she had the cell phone on her but did not receive or decline any calls, the report states.

After having the cell phone forensically examined safety and security determined that the officer was located in an area with bad reception and the calls never came through.

The cell phone has been replaced with a new one and safety and security has purchased a second one through a different service provider. These two cell phones are now to be carried by the officer who is on shift when there is no dispatcher present at the office. An additional officer will also be present at the safety and security office on Saturday mornings, Lt. Michael Colver said. The suspect has yet to be identified.

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