Stabilizing Student Stress

Nikki Nelsen / el Don

Stress and anxiety are no strangers to college students, but with rising debt, working and going to school, more of us are drowning.

A 2015 Anxiety and Depression Association of America study report found that 41.6 percent of students feel anxiety is their top concern. In the same study, 30 percent of students admit to saying that stress has negatively affected their academic performance.

Students carry the workload of finances, family, textbooks, grades and parking, just to name a few. It does get overwhelming, but necessary to balance. We should encourage students to take care of their mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

We understand the financial barriers that students face, but SAC’s health and wellness center provides services that specialize in stress or anxiety management, depression and sleep disturbances. A student can meet up with a psychologist for six sessions per semester at no cost.

Anxiety and stress is inevitable, but keeping it in check is manageable. Study with a buddy, try meditation, take deep breaths, communicate with your boss and professors. Faculty members are helpful, not scary, and knowledgeable about how to stay on your road to success, so talk to them. Remember, they were in your shoes once, too.

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