Where to get tested for COVID-19 in Santa Ana

Leer en español If you’re an essential worker Starting May 13, symptomatic AND asymptomatic health care workers, first responders, social

LIVE UPDATES: Entering Phase Three allows county to reopen barber shops and nail salons, as well as churches.

As of June 6, 2020, updates on this page have been discontinued. Here’s what we know: As the county begins

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  • March 28, 2020

Lose the stockpile of bottles. Santa Ana’s tap water is safe to drink

The CDC might recommend keeping a supply of drinkable water in case of emergency, but people have been filling up

Measles Rising in Orange County

Since April, Orange County had three confirmed cases of measles, while over 10 county locations have been potentially exposed to

Stabilizing Student Stress

Stress and anxiety are no strangers to college students, but with rising debt, working and going to school, more of

Here’s What to Consider Before Going Vegan

Santa Ana College librarian Stacey Russo begins her day with a large fruit smoothie. She makes her lunch for the

Occupational Therapy Bachelors Completes First Year

Santa Ana College’s Occupational Studies program succeeds in its first year offering a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy. The first class consists of 25 students who will be moving forward into 2018.

What Fast Food Can Do To Your Body And Wallet

Fast food splurging has become an epidemic within community college student’s diets with no change in sight.

Using Steroids to Get Fit Faster Has Serious Health Consquences

There she was – cold, empty and lifeless. Nancy Benoit lay with a bible by her side, tied and strangled with a cord on the night of June 22, 2007. The next morning, her seven-year-old son, Daniel, would also be found lying on his bed, littered with bruises around his neck and arms. He was strangled in his sleep, caught in a “crippler crossface” wrestling hold and surrounded by posters of his murderer – his father, professional wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment, Chris Benoit.

Santa Ana Community Program Gives Free Lights And Helmets to Bicyclists

 Luces Vivas! Lights Alive! a community-based program operated by Santa Ana Active Streets, travels throughout Santa Ana providing classes, free lights and helmets to foster a safe environment to the local community and its bicyclists.