Election 2016: The Pros and Cons of Voting For Hilary Clinton

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Michael Hogue / TNS
Michael Hogue / TNS
Michael Hogue / TNS

Why She Should Be President

By Angel Ramirez

   Democratic covering candidatesHillary Clinton is the perfect candidate for president because she has clearly stated her plans to ease problems for working families and students.

She is against the deportation of law-abiding undocumented immigrants and supports comprehensive reform to immigration laws.

She plans to close private detention centers that profit off the mistreatment of detained immigrants and help more eligible people become naturalized.

Clinton is also seeking to aid middle-class families who pay high tax rates.

Increasing taxes in the upper class is something she will work on, as she believes that the wealthy are paying too little and the middle class is paying too much.

She is in favor of providing quality, affordable healthcare to citizens. Her policies include supporting the Affordable Care Act and reducing healthcare costs for everyone.

She wants to provide more tax credits for people who pay high health expenses.

Clinton also wants more affordable education for students, from preschool to college.

She has plans to improve dated testing standards in elementary and secondary schools. She also wants to provide teachers with better training and resources.

Clinton aims to provide debt-free tuition for students who want to enroll in a community college or university.

Unlike Bernie Sanders’ plan, Clinton is realistic in how she hopes to make college and more accessible to students.

People should vote for Clinton because she promises to help families when it comes to immigration, taxes and health care.

College students especially should vote for her because she will ease the burden of education costs.

Why She Should Never Be President

By Emilio Rodriguez

   Hillary Clinton may be the frontrunner for the Democratic Party, but I won’t be voting for her.

She is not an honest candidate.

Denying controversial events has not helped her credibility.

Her changing opinions on medical marijuana and the Cuban trade embargo make it difficult for voters to know what she really stands for.

In October 2015, during a Democratic debate, Anderson Cooper told her that many other Democrats believe she changes her views based on political expediency and asked if she is willing to say anything to get elected.

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She avoided the question by saying that everyone changes his or her opinions when new information is presented.

She continued to dodge even after Cooper asked her if she changes her political identity based on who she’s talking to.

Clinton’s use of a personal email server that could have exposed important government information is another example of her dishonesty.

In 2008, she spoke about her trip to Bosnia with her daughter and said they arrived to sniper fire.

CBS exposed her lie quickly afterwards, when a reporter released a picture with Clinton safely in the plane.

Clinton makes claims about Bernie Sanders not being around while she was fighting for health care.

Shortly after, Sanders posted a video on Twitter where he was standing directly behind her during a speech in support of health care.

In that speech she even thanked him.

Last October, Clinton told CNN reporters that she supports the medical use of marijuana.

In 2007, at a town hall forum, Clinton said it shouldn’t be decriminalized, but should be researched more thoroughly.

Since then, no recent research has justified her new position.

Speaking on the Cuban embargo recently in Miami, Clinton argued that it is now time to lift the trade restrictions on Cuba.

However, back in 2000 she said that Fidel Castro should show good faith and move towards democratization before she could vote to lift any bans.

Cuba is far from being a democracy and shows no signs of improvement.

All of these lies and contradictions reveal she’s willing to use anything she can to put her opponent in a bad light and will change her position to suit current popular opinion make her no different than Donald Trump.





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