Election 2016: The Pros and Cons of Voting For Ted Cruz

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Why He Should Be President

By Diana Viera

   Republican covering candidatesTed Cruz is the only presidential candidate looking to create more jobs. That alone should catch the attention of many voters.

He hopes to end government intervention burdening many small businesses that are being crushed by regulations.

He wants to help small businesses expand and move forward, according to his webpage.

By creating a triple border security system and changing immigration laws, Cruz’s plan will free jobs that American workers deserve.

Reinforcing these immigration laws will keep the border secure and protect the U.S. from terrorists that might want to enter the country undetected.

Cruz is also an adamant defender of the right to bear arms.

His purpose is to help the nation improve and become a more safe, secure and free country. This will help keep the U.S. free of oppression and allow citizens to feel safe and exercise their rights.

Having obtained his law degree at Harvard University, Cruz has a strong background and knowledge of legal procedure. He argued nine cases before the Supreme Court and won five, based on constitutional law. This reflects his ability to tackle issues and win.

With terrorist attacks increasing at a rapid rate, Cruz clarified his policies on NBC’s Today Show, arguing for increased law enforcement and patrols in areas that may be hotbeds of activity from groups like ISIS.

This will not only help keep people in the area protected, but also help control and minimize the number of future attacks.

Cruz’s plan is to restore and strengthen this country’s foundations.

He is a protector of the views and values that the founding fathers implemented to make this country great.



By Meghan Kliewer

   Choose Cruz if you want a president hoping to deprive citizens of their rights while flip-flopping on important issues.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s inconsiderate position on social issues is enough to keep voters away, but he also changes his ideas, despite claiming consistency.

His policies have a faith-based foundation and emphasize religious liberty, yet he ignores the liberty of people who choose a non-religious life and he is against same-sex marriage.

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“Marriage is a sacrament between one man and one woman, it has strengthened societies for millennia, and we must uphold the truth of marriage,” Cruz states on his official campaign website.

He claims, if elected president, he will “restore marriage,” disregarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on the legalization of gay marriage.

An evangelical poster boy, Cruz also supports extreme limitations on abortion and the federal defunding of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. This directly strips women of the choice and freedom they have over their own bodies.

In this election cycle, he has strongly opposed immigration reforms allowing undocumented immigrants to become citizens. But in the past, he has supported amnesty.

In 2013, he offered an amendment to improve legal immigration by increasing the number of temporary visas given to foreigners by 500 percent, according to a press release from the senator’s office.

Then late in 2015, Cruz contradicted himself by stating that he has never supported legalization of illegal immigrants.

If elected, he plans to suspend H-1B visas, which are used by U.S. employers to permit foreign professionals to work in the country for a specified time period, and block the issuance of new ones, according to his campaign website.

In interviews with Bloomberg News and Fox News in past years, Cruz had initially opposed intervening in the Syrian civil war and supported admitting refugees to the U.S.

But last year, he said he was in favor of intervening and opposed the admittance of refugees.

He would only consider allowing Christians.

Returning back to the issue of religious liberty, U.S. citizens have the right to practice or not, because of the First Amendment. Cruz values those who embrace Christianity and seems to consider others as less important. Our next president should preserve the constitutional rights of all citizens.

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