Ordered Chaos: el Don Staffers Share Their Organization Tips

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

As spring drew to an end you might have realized that it was very different, and maybe even difficult to balance your schoolwork with personal issues. Here are some tips from el Don students about what they went through and how to stay on track,

“I know during these times it’s so hard for me to focus and stay on top of my school work, so what I have been doing is that I put sticky notes in my computer where the keyboards are at and every time I open it I remember what I need to do. Another tip that I would do is that I have 2 small whiteboards in my room so every time I enter I remember the things I still need to get done both school and my personal time. One thing that I also want to get is a planner for my desk so every time I’m working on my school work I remember that I need to get these things done. I know for me I need a lot of reminders just so I won’t forget and procrastinate about it. ” – Andrea Antonio

“I have been struggling with a lot of personal things, whether it be family, finances, or other areas in my life. I tend to forget about due dates and such. If I have a lot of things piling up all at once, I set reminders on my phone. But I have a tendency to put my phone on mute and I don’t look at my phone that often. So I write what I need to do/ get done on a piece of paper and tape it on all the doors of my house, sometimes even on the steering wheel of my car.” – Lesly Guzman

“During a particularly low period of my life, I taught myself how to bullet journal so that I could track my productivity. Bullet journaling turned out to be really effective for me since it was a way I could schedule all of my classwork without losing track. Because bullet journals are so personal to the user, I also used it to track my mood and my achievements. It was encouraging to see the progress I made over time in a visual manner. In addition to bullet journaling, I also have a whiteboard and a calendar that I use for notes and dates. I’ve made it an important habit to keep my calendar up to date. Every morning, I check off my calendar when I’ve taken my anxiety medicine, so it forces me to look at the date and see if I have any special or important events going on that day. ” – Laura Diaz

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“Since everything is done online now, I write myself notes and prop them up between the rows of keys on my keyboard, this way I’m forced to address things when I first sit down. Anything that comes up while I’m working that will take less than five minutes to do is immediately worked on. Beyond that, I try and get away from my computer as much as possible, whether it’s sitting outside, getting some water, or making myself a snack. This keeps me from mentally burning out, which is crucial now more than ever.” Dylan Allen

“During these times it has been hard for me to stay focused because at times I don’t feel that same motivation I have, but what I tend to do is have my planner next to my laptop but I don’t have it closed I have it opened to that day or else I know I won’t look at it. Also what helps a lot is having a close friend of mine remind me to get things done both education and general. This really helps me because I talk to them about it and it just constantly reminds me that I need to finish what I need to do. I hope next semester works out for me because this semester I didn’t know what to expect but now that I know I will be prepared for the next semester.” – Patty Romero

Remember you are not alone during these times and we should all take one step at a time. With time you will get where you want to be, so don’t give up too easily, keep trying. Don’t forget it is okay to fail, but also know how to pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes. The Don Staff want to give a big shout to everyone for doing their best during the pandemic. Now keep striving and don’t give up! 

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