SAC Choir hosts a concert with original compositions by faculty and students, the first of its kind.

Dr Jones Directing Choir Practice (Photo by Zendy Garrido)
Dr. Jones directing choir practice leading up to the fall semester’s concert.

Professors had to get creative during the pandemic with the way they prepared for semester-end concerts, where songs like “Invitation to Love”, composed by faculty Brian Kehlenbach, were meant to be premiered. The song was recorded, mastered and performed remotely in a digital format via YouTube in spring 2021 it will have its live debut during this fall’s choir concert. 

“We spent countless hours mixing, mastering and equalizing every track to make the compositions come to life in a time of social distancing,” said Music Department Chair Elliott Jones, about the recording and performing of the song “Invitation to Love,” during the latest episode of El Don News’ “The Distraction”.

Jones sent music sheets to students via canvas during the pandemic. Students recorded themselves at home using their own recording equipment and their smartphones. Lastly, singers sent the recordings back to Jones and other SAC professors to remaster and finalize the recordings.

The other eight compositions blend contemporary classical and post-minimalistic genres of music. Contemporary classical music is music post-1945 with spectral elements that lead to variations of electronic and experimental music. 

Other composers include professors Elliott Jones and John Marr along with students Sung Kim and Emmanuel “Manny” Cortes. 

John Marr, Digital Music Production professor, also composed for the concert. “I based my composition on Bible verses, some of those verses are very dark,” said Marr.

Not all the compositions are dark. Santa Ana College student, Sung Kim, composed a piece designed for people whose sleep paralysis demon won’t let up. 

“Imagine what it’s like to be laying in bed without being able to sleep, one way to try to sleep is to count sheep, then you say ‘holy cow! I can’t sleep!’” says Jones 

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Jones laughs and adds, “Next thing you know, the sheep you were counting got offended because they think you called them cows and had that verbal argument with the sheep you were counting, while trying to sleep, in a song.” 

The choir concert is scheduled for Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. at Phillips Hall at Santa Ana College.

Parking is included for students who have a parking pass. Other guests may purchase day passes at the kiosk by Phillips Hall. 

General admission tickets priced at $10. SAC students and members of the military tickets priced at$5. Tickets for events are available for purchase at Phillips Hall on the day of the event. Early arrival is suggested.

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