Epic Wings saves you bread and gives you chicken

Epic Wings combo #1 is only 13.95. Photo by Brandon Rowley/ el Don

Epic Wings recently opened its third Orange County location across the street from SAC. With a name like that, they set the bar pretty high, and I had to see if the taste lived up to the name.

The manager, Reggie Koch, clearly understands hospitality and his clientele. I was greeted with a smile and a “Hey, how are you?” you would expect to hear from an old friend. 

My visit was perfectly timed as Koch informed me that they offer a limited-time after-school discount every Wednesday from 1:30- 4 p.m. All the combos are $10.

This $10 price isn’t far from their normal prices, at $13.95 for their combo. The combos are: a five-piece wing combo, loaded “Epic Fries”, three-piece chicken tenders and pizza sticks. Epic Wings serves nine sauces that fall into two categories: buffalo sauce and “other flavors.”

Epic Wings breaks away from the trendy gimmicks we have become accustomed to. Places like Raising Cane’s and Dave’s Hot Chicken serve over-battered chicken with an orange sauce that is often mediocre.  

I ordered the lemon pepper wings, and once I bit into the first one, the flavor and texture made up for its small size. I was able to taste the chicken rather than getting a mouthful of fried batter.

They also pay attention to the small details with fresh carrots and celery served with ranch or blue cheese options. 

If you want something to eat and are tired of the same worn-out options around campus, stop by Epic Wings and get a warm welcome from Reggie and his crew.

Geovanni Esparza

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