Featured Artist: Roberto Blanco Arellano makes pixels come to life

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Photo provided by: Roberto Blanco Arellano

Roberto Blanco Arellano, a photography student at Santa Ana College, “chose sanity” after losing his job and leaving CSULB to pursue photography and philosophy.

Arellano had changed his major three times before taking on photography derived from biochemistry, to anthropology and English. 

But losing his job during the pandemic was the motivation needed to propel him into photography.

Arellano says, “Photography sorta landed into my lap, I finally had a bunch of free time. As my craft grew, so did my confidence to launch my career.” 

To Arellano, his art is representative of his inner world.

“Life imitates art and vice versa. Sometimes my art reflects my feelings. I like to play with the concept of self. Convey through pixels the sense of being alive, whether moments of vivid feeling or daydreams. Making people understand people. It is personal and universal to tap into those lost emotions,” Arellano says.

Arellano is an experimental artist who refuses to stick to one style of photography.

He makes it a point to bring his camera or use his phone camera to catch any moment that captures his attention. 

Sometimes he will be driving, and he has a vision for a photo of something he passes by and makes an effort to hold onto that moment. 

He believes that a photographer should not stick to one style, but should instead explore new concepts and ideas. He urges photographers not to be tied down to any standards. 

“I wish I would’ve not been pinned down or stuck on what’s a good photo. When it’s fun it’s meaningful,” says Arellano “Photographs are everywhere there is nothing indicative of what a good photo is. It’s all bullshit. No such thing. Things work. What are you trying to do? Be real.”

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