CBD gummies that reduce your nerves into pear-dise

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Photo Illustration by Jakki Padilla / el Don

Now at your local dispensary, Kiva’s Camino gummies in the “Social Sparkling Pear” hybrid flavor can help you reduce your anxiety. Its formula uses 2mg of THC and 6mg of CBD to help users relax their mind and their hearts.

Camino gummies are famous for their fruity taste and chewy taste. This product’s sweetness comes from tapioca syrup. (Derivative of boba) 

According to Harvard Medical School, CBD is closely related to anti-inflammatory agents such as aspirin to help relieve symptoms of arthritis and anxiety. The terpene inside the product is an antioxidant that prevents unhealthy chemicals from falling into your bloodstream to prevent heart disease or cancer. This product can make your life easier during midterms and finals season.

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