We asked students “How Is your 2019 Going so Far?”

Daily Dons first edition
Oliver Rivero / elDon

Daily Dons Is a new series where we talk with Santa Ana College students about their life and their experiences on and off campus. My goal is to give students a platform to be heard. We started this first edition with a simple question: “How is your 2019 going so far?”

Daniel Toledo, Freshman

“[The years ] It’s been pretty good I learned a lot. I’m fresh out of high school not too long ago. I’ve been learning a lot about responsibilities. In high school I didn’t have too many responsibilities you know because I was a kid, but now I realize that everyone works hard and we gotta work hard to make it out.”

Rodrigo Avila, Freshman

“This is my first year at SAC. 2019 has been treating me good, this summer I got my first job ever. It feels good to get your own money and buy your own things. That’s a really good aspect of life to me to actually have something i own and my own money. I started college it’s been really good to me I like the professors and the classes. The classes aren’t too hard but they are challenging enough  to make me grow in the academic aspect.”

William Perez, Freshman

“It was kinda bad but you know I had to find some help to better myself. I got into this program and they’re helping me out. I wasn’t really going to school now I’m back in school doing everything I got to do and it feels weird now because I wasn’t used to it but now I feel changed and motivated to do more.”

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Jenna Beaini, Freshman

“Pretty good I guess it could have been better, but it’s getting better through the end of the year. I actually started going back to school this year and I have a really good job now. I’m kinda getting my life back together. I’m earning more money and planning on moving out.”

Galilea Mora, Freshman

“For me, the best thing for 2019 was that I haven’t gone to Mexico in four years and I went with my mom and little sister to visit my family over there in Colima, Mexico and it was fun because I finally reunited with my grandma and my grandpa and I saw my cousins, my aunts and uncles. It was nice to see them again and hangout with them go to places for vacation. It nice it’s been four years so they’re different and they’re older. They’re like ‘O mija ya te ves mas grande’ and stuff like that. So far that’s my favorite thing and coming here [Santa Ana College] because I know a lot of people that go here. I have friends that come here so I’m not alone.”

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