Yost Theatre Closes For Summer

Courtesy of Yost Theatre

Santa Ana EDM lovers will have to find a new venue to party this summer, as the Yost Theatre will be closing its doors until late September.

The Yost Theatre , an 18+ venue who had booked Eptic & Must die! with special guest Gentlemen’s Club, Saturday May 6, presented by Bassrush. This event was the theatre’s last show, the theatre plans to reopen its doors in The fall with a new look and management team.

All DJ’s mainly played dubstep, a specialized genre of electronic dance music and all audience members danced to the beats and bass.

The show was a sold-out days before the actual show and the venue that night was filled with people who all wanted to be a part of the final event held inside the Yost.

The theatre is saying Goodbye to manager Dennis Lluy And Dave Leon along with White Rabbit Group, a Downtown Santa Ana promotion company that has contributed great shows to the venue.

24 carrots, a Santa Ana based catering and event company has taken ownership of with the historic Yost Theatre with plans to expand.

However, the theatre has not broken ties with White Rabbit Group even though they have had to switch venues to The Bar Ellipsis, a bar within walking distance of the Yost. The theatre still offers them the invitation of having an event at the Yost if there ever is an overflow of guests at Ellipsis or Club Ten.

The Yost team has a fair amount of work and construction ahead of them before reopening. The team started to remodel by painting the ceilings of the theatre white.

“The backstage is being completely redone, the skybox is being completely redone, the flooring is all going to be different, the curtains will be a different color, the ceiling is now white instead of blue, ” said Yost manager, Jennifer Mendel.

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This change will bring in a new era for this Santa Ana venue, however, this is not the first time the Yost has welcomed a new era of change since its opening in 1914.

“The Yost was a bunch of different things; it was a Vaudeville theatre, it was a brothel at one point, there were plays, orchestrated performances, it was all kinds of things, it was actually a movie theatre at one point for a little bit but it did not turn into a night club till six years ago.” said Mendel.

The club has also been hosting WTF Fridays, a weekly gay club night. The producers and promoters for WTF Fridays have since moved to the Bar Ellipsis and the newly renovated Club Ten in Newport Beach.

The theatre will still offer all of its included bars but will not offer as many ticketed events where all guests can attend. Rentals and private events such as weddings, and corporate dinners will soon be held at the Yost, according to Mendel.

“I think everyone will be pretty surprised, it will be very cleaned up, our color scheme will now be white and gray, it will be a lot classier and the venue will be lighter, brighter, and will look a lot more modern,” said Mendel.

Nikki Nelsen

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