Drag Queens Perfom After Candid Discussion at SAC

Drag queen Twiggy D. Warhol performing at an event hosted by the Communication Studies Department. / el Don Staff

Three of Orange County’s fabulous drag queens held a candid discussion for Santa Ana College’s Gender Communication class and Communication Studies Club April 5 to educate and promote awareness and acceptance for the drag community.

The daring discussion was a creative way to educate students on the stigmas faced by the drag queen community.

“I am all about education and bettering the world because we are going through a tough time right now,” said Nomi B, a performer at the event. “[Drag is] “not something wrong or weird or bad so I want to educate people and let them know that it’s literally dress up.”

Nothing was off limits for these queens, Twiggy D. Warhol, Wilhelmina Caviar and Nomi B. They generously welcomed all questions regarding support, awareness and their time-consuming transformations, which include applying bold makeup, glitter and gorgeous wigs.

“This is my second year doing it, and I felt that it is always a great opportunity to share our experiences with everyone else and tell people what drag is all about,” Caviar said.

After their open discussion, the women each performed choreographed routines to Beyoncé, Rihanna and the musical Chicago for the students.

Communication Studies Department Chair Lance Lockwood first taught the Gender Communication class at Chapman University as an honors course up until three years ago, when he started teaching it at SAC as a general education class.

“It’s not a matter of what gender you are — male, female, transgender — you all have to work in society together,” said Lockwood. “This class helps prepare the youth and get everybody ready to interact with people of various genders.”

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The girls are set to perform next year in a larger show produced by Lockwood. The plan is to expand to Phillips Hall, allowing for more performers and to accommodate more students.

Catch these bold queens performing in venues all over Southern California, like Velvet Lounge in Santa Ana and Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach.

Warhol poses with Communication Studies Department Chair Lance Lockwood, Nomi B. and Wilhelmina Caviar. / el Don Staff
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