This Season’s Looks Revive Fashion Trends From The Past

Stripes were made famous by sailors in the first world war.
Stripes were made famous by sailors in the first world war.

High-end French designer Yves Saint Laurent once famously said: “Fashions fades, style is eternal.” Trends are constantly changing and are often unpredictable, but good style never gets dull.

Here are some winter classics that are making a comeback. They’re all pieces you can find at your local mall or thrift store.

Turtlenecks have dated back to the early 15th century and haven’t changed much since. In the U.K, they were called “polo necks” and “skeevy’s” in Australia. They were popularized in the 19th century by sailors, officers and men in the service. In the late 1950s, it-girl and British film star Audrey Hepburn made the black turtleneck an icon and an unforgettable piece of clothing.

Stripes have always been known as a classic and timeless print for clothing. Their history traces back in time when sailors were serving in the first world war. Black and white stripes were made famous by Coco Chanel, who saw young workers in the marina wearing striped sweaters and quickly became inspired to create an entire collection based on stripes. They’ve been iconic in fashion ever since.

Flared Pants
Flared out or wide-legged pants are also making a comeback. Flared jeans, famously known as “bell bottoms” in the 1970s, were worn by Sonny and Cher and other celebrities before being adopted by consumers. They were skin tight to the knee and flared out over the foot. Today flared out jeans live on in the more moderately flared boot-cut style, for those who want comfort with a less flashy look.

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