Celebrities and Athletes Are Pushing Sneaker Culture Mainstream



By John Olivares

Consumers are buying sneakers now more than ever, launching the sneaker culture into the mainstream.

Decades ago, sneakers were casual footwear, designated for going to the gym or mowing the lawn. Today they can be part of almost every outfit whether its for work, dinner or weddings. Some sneakers are even more expensive than dress shoes.

“I’ve loved Nike shoes since I was 5-years-old and I don’t intend on changing that,” said Nathan Tinoco, Santa Ana College student. “I’ve spent $600 on shoes because price doesn’t matter when I think about Nike.”

Nike is the primary beneficiary of the new addiction, controlling more than half of the market.

Athletes like Chris Paul and Tiger Woods endorse the company, giving Nike a bigger pull among sports fans.

Adidas gained traction after signing Kanye West in 2013, boosting their sales as his fans wanted to get their hands on the Yeezy 750s which cost $350.

As more people buy sneakers, getting a pair of limited edition kicks has become more difficult, creating an enormous market for shoes week after week.

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