How real TV got its groove back

ESCAPE: The Walking Dead has quickly become one of the most watched shows for television with 10.9 million viewers on its season three premiere.

Hit television series like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story have broken cable-rating records, changing the landscape of television while leaving reality shows cowering in the dark.

Jersey Shore is wrapping up its final season and analysts say that MTV is in for a tough year. It has made reality television a staple, but viewers are now leaning more toward scripted television. The network’s ratings have declined 32 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period a year ago.

Reality television took viewers hostage and attempted to pass it off as captivating entertainment.

New hit horror and drama series have created hope for a rebound of television entertainment.

AMC’s The Walking Dead opened with 10.9 million viewers, which is double the amount compared to the season two premiere. American Horror Story debuted its season two premiere with 3.85 million viewers, outperforming season one.

Besides killing zombies or dealing with a haunted house, these shows incorporate problems that people deal with in everyday life.

Being pregnant during the zombie apocalypse can’t be easy, but Lori still doesn’t know if the baby’s father is Rick or Shane. It creates a tumultuous relationship between Lori and Rick that plenty of people can relate to.

“The Walking Dead is so gripping, because no one is safe, anybody can die,” Santa Ana College student Cory Anderson said.

Even the big networks are taking notice of what a hit drama series needs and have cast Hollywood heavy hitters in lead roles.

Dennis Quaid stars in the new CBS drama series Vegas, alongside Carrie-Anne Moss and Michael Chiklis.

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Quaid plays a rancher from Las Vegas who becomes the “law” during the ‘60’s when Las Vegas transforms from a quiet ranch town to Sin City as we know it today.

Anything that has The Quaid as a lead character is going to be anything but boring. Enough said.

Vegas premiered with 14.7 million viewers and was CBS’s biggest drama premiere in the time slot since Judging Amy in 2002.

The CW Network, not known for gripping dramas, premiered Arrow, based on the DC Comic character Green Arrow.

Arrow’s premiere brought in 4.02 million viewers and it was the most watched show on the network in three years, according to Nielsen ratings.

Deservingly so. Arrow skips the lengthy background of characters and gets straight into hard-hitting action.

Instead of reality TV, real entertainment leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat and screaming at the TV until the credits roll.

Vegas’ first season opened with The Quaid and 14.7 million viewers, the largest fall season premiere CBS has ever had. The CW premiered  Arrow with 4.02 million viewers watching as the classic comic hero Green Arrow came to life. American Horror Story rekindled all of its scares with the season two premiere, debuting with 3.85 million viewers. The Jersey Shore’s season four premiere was down 2 million viewers compared to previous seasons’ viewership.T

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