Back to the future


BAND: Wild Nothing.
ALBUM: Nocturne.

Wild Nothing’s new album Nocturne, will take you back to the New Wave style of the 1980’s. Their soft, and serene indie sounds and melodies are reminiscent of The Smiths and David Bowie.

The band creates mellow, catchy and pensive atmospheric music. This album is perfect if you are going through a breakup while spending restless nights thinking about a lost love. The album will relax you when you hear the calm, misty tunes, but won’t put you to sleep.

Lead singer Jack Tatum’s lyrics are simple yet meaningful.

The song Only Heather talks about how in love he is.

“She has got something that I’ve never known couldn’t explain it, I wouldn’t even try she is so lovely she makes me feel high.”

Counting Days is also a strong track with lyrics that will definitely give you the astral, imaginary vibe the album provides.

The album is a short composition of 11 romantic songs with different synchronizations of bass, guitar and keyboards, with lyrics that will touch you. The tempos and layers of dreamy melodies give meaning to the album’s name.

Nocturne is perfect to listen to on a starry night going on a drive to the beach, holding your lover’s hand and feeling the breeze while you listen to Midnight Song.

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