Santa Ana College Awarded State Department of Finance Grant



By Joanna Plaza-Uriostegui

Santa Ana College is receiving $3.57 million for its innovative work in higher education.

The California Department of Finance approved 14 institutions for funding through the Awards for Innovation in Higher Education. The only community college in Orange County to receive funding is SAC.

The State Budget Act assigned $50 million in 2014 as one-time resources from the general fund for the awards. The program acknowledges institutions that aim to achieve an increase in the number of bachelor’s degrees, allow students to complete bachelor’s degrees within four years, and ease transfer.

The award will fund the Santa Ana Partnership, which is a collaboration with SAC, Cal State Fullerton, the Santa Ana Unified School District, the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund and other organizations.

“We hope to use the award for scholarships, parents support, early college programs for high school students, update research and data,” said Sara Lundquist, Vice President of Student Affairs.

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