Cammie Lewis Is the Athletic Department’s MVP

Cammie Lewis
Cammie is the Sports Information Coordinator since 2017 / Photo By Dorian Zavala

   It’s a warm August morning, and Cammie Lewis is already on the job. It’s media day for Santa Ana College athletes as they gather for photos and share hopes for the upcoming season.

   Lewis recalls these moments from when he was a Don himself and knows how hard each prepares for the season ahead.

   “It’s good to be able to help students I can relate to. I was in their spot once,” said Lewis, who organized the media day. “I’ve been in sports my whole life. It taught me to focus and to be disciplined and responsible in what I do.”

   Lewis is SAC’s Sports Information Coordinator, which means he’s the house statistician in charge of creating game programs and updating the Athletic Department’s website,

   But he also plans special events, submits game-day rosters and records key plays for teams to review during film sessions.

   Since his job requires several skills, Lewis is always on the run. On any given day, he attends multiple games, updates stats, snaps photos and notes the final results for each.

   The youngest of three, Lewis got into sports at an early age, playing both baseball and basketball in youth leagues.

   By the time the 5’11” Lewis was a senior at Norwalk High, he was an outstanding basketball guard. Dons Head Basketball Coach Dave Breig approached Cammie about playing for SAC.

   “Coach wanted me to gray shirt so I could develop physically because I came in at 157 pounds,” Lewis said. 

   By gray-shirting as a freshman, Cammie did not enroll in classes until spring, giving him another year to complete his eligibility.

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   “I really needed that year. It motivated me to start working out at a higher level than I was at high school,” Lewis said.

   During that time, Cammie began assisting then-Sports Information Coordinator Jason Keeler with roster prep and stats for the basketball games. That’s when he realized he could turn his love for sports into a career.

   After winning a conference title for the Dons in 2013, Cammie earned a scholarship to Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho. Upon graduation, he was hired by Concordia University, where he received a master’s degree in coaching and athletic administration.

   In 2017, Cammie returned to his alma mater: SAC. 

   “Cammie is a vital part of our Athletic Department. He is the glue that makes all of this possible. Cammie just makes it look easy,” said Athletic Director Mary Hegarty.

   Lewis’ colleagues say he’s a natural leader. Athletes flock to him before and after games, giving him high fives and joking around. But for this humble man, who is doing a job that would be overwhelming to most, he makes it look like just a game.

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