Cammie Lewis

Cammie Lewis Is the Athletic Department’s MVP

By Dorian Zavala

   It’s a warm August morning, and Cammie Lewis is already on the job. It’s media day for Santa Ana


Boxer Ronny Rios Is Santa Ana’s Golden Boy

By Rafael Valencia

From the opening bell of the first round, both boxers stood in the middle of the ring, exchanging punches, neither


Alba Piedra Advocates for Santa Ana Youth

By Ashley Ramynke

The youth of Santa Ana is not immune to the struggles of the city. Deportation, criminalization, police brutality and mental

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  • October 1, 2019
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Star Pitcher Nicole Yniguez is a Silent Leader

By Oliver Rivero

Nicole Yniguez isn’t afraid to stand out. With her signature fake lashes, fresh fluorescent eye shadow, glitter on her hair


Double Trouble: Wood Twins Dominate OEC

By Nikki Nelsen

Lauryn and Leyna Wood are identical twins. They do everything together, including play soccer. When they were 11 years old,

MARY HEGARTY FINAL 10 1 2018 online

New Athletic Director Mary Hegarty Returns to Her Santa Ana Roots

By Jordy Espinoza

Mary Hegarty is a creature of habit. She can’t start her day without coffee, exercising, walking her dog, or checking

Emy Castaneda Swims Against The Odds

By Julian E. Romero

Sophomore Emy Castaneda started this swim season with two broken ribs and was told not to compete for seven weeks.

Track Star Cydnee Wallace Is Unstoppable

By Ruby Nunez

Two years ago, Cydnee Wallace traded in her pom-poms for running shoes.

Running Star Paulino Sanchez Takes the Lead

By Annie Lam

Born into an athletic family, Paulino Sanchez has been a natural since the day he started running at Anaheim High

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Loved Trainer Retires After 34 Years

By el Don News

  Diana Viera Athletic Trainer Gary Kinney is retiring at the end of this year, following over three decades of