Ally Wardlow Is an Ace on the Court

Ally Wardlow 1
Libero Ally Wardlow broke the Aces record this season at SAC / Photo By Chris Castro

 Adrenaline is pumping. The other team divided by a net is catching their breath. While on the opposing side a player is preparing to serve. Ally Wardlow glances to her left and gives a smile of encouragement to her teammates. 

   The sound of a slap in the air ricochets in the auditorium entailing the beginning of a play. The other team manages to get the ball on their side and Wardlow dives to the floor at an angle the setter can reach. The outside is prepared to hit the ball as the setter sets. A spike is made and it’s silent until the blow of a whistle signals the end of the game. They’ve won. 

   Wardlow cheers with her teammates feeling satisfied knowing she gave her all like she always does. Being libero of the volleyball team comes with great responsibility since the position is the first line of defense for a play. 

   The game itself caught the eye of Wardlow when she was thirteen years old and began to play in an outside club in the eighth grade. It wasn’t until her senior year at Foothill High School where she was offered to play for Santa Ana College and later became a Don. 

   Born and raised in Northern California, in the city of Sacramento, and the middle child of five, Wardlow began her volleyball career at the age of fourteen and has been playing ever since. It began when her mother received a job that relocated her to Southern California to the city of Tustin. 

   Now the eighteen-year-old at SAC is majoring in Business and hoping in the future to be apart of the corporate world. When asked how her team could improve Wardlow said,

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“We need to focus on bettering ourselves during practice because that’s where it all starts.”

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