Here’s How Students Can De-Stress at SAC

Getting Healthy/Students can visit the Health, Wellness and Psychological Services for various medical issues at no cost./ Faith Hernandez / el Don
Students can visit the Health, Wellness and Psychological Services for various medical issues at no cost./ Faith Hernandez / el Don News

Stressed out? Feeling like school is just too much to handle? Is going back to the daily routine making you feel tense?

The Office of Health, Wellness and Psychological Services is now offering one-on-one appointments to discuss ways to help relieve stress. It also provides resources for a healthier lifestyle to all enrolled SAC students.

Walk-in same day appointments for students with personal concerns are located in the Village-211.

“Unfortunately, people kind of have a little hesitancy to come in,” Carissa Gustafson, a SAC psychology intern, said. “Sometimes I think it’s because people think, ‘Oh well, my problems aren’t all that bad and it’s manageable.”

With an active student ID and paid health fee, students can receive appointment dates to discuss health matters such as first aid, physical exams and even laboratory testing.

Students can even enroll for health insurance with guidance of the program.

For students seeking personal counseling, the program includes 50-minute sessions and services for (but not limited to) anxiety or panic attacks, depression, low self esteem and stress. This service is beneficial when stress begins to affect their personal and academic lives. All conversations are strictly confidential.

Faculty and staff can even receive classroom and club presentations upon request.

“Coming in for whatever reason can help students focus on why they’re here, which is academics,” Gustafson said.

Wellness services include specialized workshops to educate and inform students of impaired driving, health insurance coverage, and sexual assault. Future campus events will be held to target serious issues regarding drug, alcohol, tobacco use and sexual assault.

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Depending on how many students are interested, group counseling is available.

Additional programs include the Paws-4-Stress Relief, the monthly film series and sexual assault workshops.

Monthly film screenings are organized to help de-stress students from busy schedules. The film X-Men: First Class will be presented on Friday, Oct. 21 at The Spot at 12:30 pm. Free pizza and discussions are to follow the movie screening.

“We recognize that our students have different demands and there’s a lot of different pressures and responsibilities,” Gustafson said. “We can help people overcome those obstacles and focus on their goals.”film-series-handouts-rev

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