Getting to Know: Raquel Manriquez

The new leader wants to hold public office one day, but is starting with ASG.
The new leader wants to hold public office one day, but is starting with ASG.

By Rogelio Santana

Even before attending Kindergarten, Associated Student Government president Raquel Manriquez had a connection to Santa Ana College.

Her mother attended dance classes on campus when Manriquez was four-years old and her father is a SAC graduate.

Now both of her parents are taking computer refresher courses and her younger brother is in his first year as a Don.

It is safe to say SAC is a family affair.

Nineteen-year-old Manriquez is a sophomore.

Last year she served as ASG’s Senate Secretary but resigned after feeling that she would make a bigger difference by becoming Senate Secretary for the Disabled Student Program and Services.

“I hope that throughout the year ASG as an organization is able to reach out to more students so they know exactly what we do on and off campus on their behalf,” Manriquez said.

Being ASG president is no easy task. All decisions she makes have to represent the needs of the students.

“Whether I am meeting with administrators or with other members of ASG, I always have to be thinking, ‘Does the student population want to go in this direction?’” Manriquez said.

Other students are also what inspired her to get involved with student government in the first place. Retreats with senate members sparked her interest in legislation and advocacy.

Intending to become a political science major, Manriquez hopes to transfer to UCLA and one day be a partner in a prestigious law firm or hold public office to assist the community.

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