President Obama Announced Plan to curb ISIS

Olivier Douliery /Abaca Press/ MCT
Olivier Douliery /Abaca Press/ MCT

By Jovany Leon

In a televised speech to the nation Wednesday night, President Obama announced a plan that could curb the threat of the terrorist organization called ISIS on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

The idea is to continue and expand certain missions that the United States is already engaged in by providing humanitarian aid, and increasing the airstrike campaign in Iraq and Syria. A broad coalition force consisting of European and Middle Eastern allies would also be created.

The president stated the airstrikes would continue in Iraqi areas controlled by ISIS with ground support by Iraqi and Kurdish forces. The fighting will also be expanded into Syria where ISIS controls territories.

The U.S. would provide support to Iraqi and Kurdish forces by sending an additional 475 troops. However, the troops will not engage in any combat missions in Iraq, according to the President.

On Thursday morning, Congress announced it would take a vote on Sept. 16 to decide on the president’s request to train and arm Syrian rebels.

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