I’m Latina and I’m Republican. Here’s Why

Being a republican is not what it's perceived to be.

Being a Republican is not what it’s perceived to be.

Many hear the word Republican and associate it with being racist, anti-immigrant,Trump-supporter, insensitive and other ideologies. Many are oblivious to what Republicans really stand for due to the negative media it has generated.

Recently, Republicans have been seen in a bad light because most do not support illegal immigration, perceive global warming as a myth and do not believe in increased taxes on the upper class, among other views.

Regardless of the negativity, I choose to remain a Republican. I am a young Latina female, and a traditional conservative. This is my political party of preference, because my values and morals are best displayed in their views.

I don’t support increased taxes on the rich. The 1 percent already pay high taxes in California, and many donate money to charitable organizations. I don’t agree that if you work hard and are successful you should give more of your money to help others who aren’t.

As a conservative, I don’t believe in paying for health services or welfare for others. It can help some people get back on their feet, but it can also enable them to become lazy. I don’t want my money to go to welfare because people can potentially abuse it.

In addition to paying for welfare, I don’t want to pay for others’ birth control or abortions. Having sex is a choice, and people need to be held responsible for their choices. Also, people who are religious are often against abortions and should never have to pay for terminating an offspring.

I am not anti-immigration. Immigration is fine. I just don’t advocate illegal immigration, because it is breaking the law. Coming to this country illegally from other countries is a violation of our nation’s law. Laws should be enforced, and people should be aware of the consequences of breaking them.

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This is not about race. It’s about being fair, even if it does not benefit a particular ethnicity or party. I don’t think it’s fair to cut the line and come here illegally, while others are putting their money and time into doing it the right way. Illegal immigration is unfair to other immigrants.

As a conservative Latina, people are often baffled when they hear what I stand for. They think I don’t support “my people,” and even my own family struggles to understand my reasoning. But I am not only a Latina, I am my own person with my own views. Voting along ethnic lines is not my goal. Being fair and objective is my goal. It’s also my biggest challenge, because many people don’t understand that.

Although I stand for similar core values the president stands for, I don’t support the way Trump is executing them. Therefore, I don’t fully support him. He is the man who represents my party right now, but he does not represent all conservatives.

Regardless of the president, I will still be a Republican. Let’s remember the values Republicans were founded on, not what Trump made it.

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