Marriage Post-Poned



By Haide Hernandez

Compared to any other generation, millennials currently have the lowest rates by age of marriage or even refuse to tie the knot.

In the 1950’s the median age to get married was 23 for men and 20 for women, the median age of marriage now is 29 for men and 27 for women, reported the US Census Records.

With the current generation not having a stable, social, and economic relationship with a partner, it establishes an opportunity to create for more schooling and to prosper in their lives in various ways.

The Paw Research center conducted a s study in which they concluded that the millennials are attached by social media, in debt, are distrustful of people and aren’t in any rush to become linked with a partner in marriage.

According to the Knot Yet Report, women who get married or marry at a later age tend to make more income than those who marry younger and men, no matter their education level, who wait until they’re 30 or older to marry, earn a statistically smaller amount of income than a man who marries at an earlier age.

“I’m never getting married,” said SAC student Larry J. Park. He says he sees no accomplishment or reasoning into becoming emotionally attached to another person.

Monitoring the Future, a website of ongoing studies of behaviors and values of American young adults, reports that 78% of female high-school seniors and 70% of male high-school seniors still believe that having a family and a good standing marriage are important which is a concept that hasn’t changed since the 70’s.

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“Marriage is another step in life and how much you love them depends on when you will get married,” said Middle College Student Vivian Castaron. She wants to get married at age 20 or 21.

Although marriage may be at an all time low amongst millennials, the idea of getting married and having a family is still a desire.

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