Rethinking All Star Games


This past weekend was all-star weekend for the NBA and for the first time ever; I didn’t watch any of it.

No matter the sport, all-star week is always hyped up to be a night of amazement and spectacular events, but it just ends up being an exhibition game that no one, including the players, cares about.  If you have watched one you know what I’m talking about.

Every game is just another opportunity for stars to relish in their fame.  No one plays defense and when players do, fans get upset.

On Sunday, Kobe Bryant walked away from the game with a broken nose after a hard foul by Dwayne Wade.  Fans were outraged about Wade actually playing defense and he reluctantly apologized to him.

A professional athlete had to apologize for doing what he is paid to do. Really?

During the rookie versus sophomore game, John Wall stood dribbling at the top of the key and waved his arms to get the other team out of his way.  Thankfully an opposing player stole the ball from him as he made a fool of himself.

All-Star games are like taking the top students from SAC and sending them to another college to take some tests, but the tests don’t count and the professors don’t care.

The MLB is the only league that has useful all-star game because the winner decides who will have home field advantage at the World Series.  The NFL and NBA need to take note and give players motivation to actually want to play the game instead of making it all about showboating.

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