Lorax may be sweet but he came up short



It wouldn’t be a stretch to say, that Dr. Seuss was the best storyteller in his day. But when it comes to movies and Seuss’s characters to adore, The Lorax came up short, that’s for sure.

The town of ThneedVille has been over run by technology and pollution; nature has been marginalized; a fabricated city of concrete, paint and inflatable foliage is all that’s left. A young boy, Ted (Zach Effron), vies for the affection of Audrey, (Taylor Swift). His only hope of impressing his ginger love is to find out where he can get his hands on the long-extinct tree his paramour is so desperate to see. Teds journey takes him from the perfect city of ThneedVille to discover the unknown mystery of what happened to trees and how he can get his hands on another.

As a Dr. Seuss fan from a young age, I will have to say that Green Eggs and Ham is by far my favorite story of all. Having never followed the story of The Lorax, I went into this movie with high hopes of being entertained and learning the valuable life lessons that the great doctor so easily teaches.

The animated cuteness of characters stayed true to the Dr. Seuss template, but I couldn’t help but feel there was something missing from the movie.

There were moments where I found myself wondering when the movie was going to end and what exactly the story trying to portray with it’s drawn out musical numbers.

The slowest part of the movie was right smack in the middle, and sure enough they broke out into song. By then I had had enough of the cute little cooing bears and the harmonizing fish and checked out mentally, going over what I was going to buy at the grocery store the next day.

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If you plan on seeing The Lorax, take your kids, your younger brother or sister, or even a mental list of tomorrow’s things to do. For sure, wait for the DVD to come in to play because this movie is a waste of your day.

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