A greener campus is still a long way off


As California sinks deeper into its budget nightmare, our school’s obligation to take responsibility and maintain transparency becomes increasingly important.

Collectively, we have arrived at an unprecedented crossroad that combines a dismal financial future with pressing environmental concerns. It is time for Santa Ana College to form policies that addresses both issues.

Why is metal that could either be recycled or sold for scrap just sitting in a dumpster? Why do we continue to water our campus grass even though drainage systems are effectively defunct?

As a college, we should be making a conscious effort to become a greener institution that is dedicated to change.

Granted, solutions to these issues are multi-step processes, but as with anything, we have to start somewhere.

How many designated recycling bins do we have here on campus? It may sound simple, but it is effective.

Sad to say, but students have to be begged to even care. Resourcefulness and innovation are two qualities that we are supposed to learn in college. It is time we applied them to things that matter.

Students and faculty alike should feel compelled to affect change in their environment, raise additional money for our school, and secure our future.

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