Is College For You? It might not be for me.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

College may not always be for everybody and not everyone can achieve their goals by blindly pursuing a higher education just because others are going too.

Students join college cause it’s a systematic way of success and they just go due to their belief that it’s their only option. Going to college and getting a degree seems a lot easier since you are following a path, where you are told what classes to take and where to go. Although, statistics show that college students who graduate get better and higher-paying jobs, it’s not always the best option.

There are ways to get jobs without going to college like going to trade school for a career in cosmetology, automotive care, electricians, and etc. Or simply just joining the workforce with a high school diploma. With a high school diploma you could become an entrepreneur, flight attendant, or a cook. The point is you still have a lot of options and it’s important that you do something you want to do.

As a kid, my parents wanted me to go to college and have a successful life. Seeing some of my family members go to college and graduating in order to provide for their household was something big. So, going to college was the only way I thought that I could succeed in the world.

As I got older, I realized that there were many people who have made it out without a college degree and it is possible to make it in the world without a college degree. 

A lot of people in my family do not have college degrees and some of them are making more than the average wage for a bachelor’s degree which can range from 40k-60k per year. In the end, if you really feel like college is not for you, then don’t do it since there are other ways of getting a job. 

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There are many people who have made it out without a college degree like Ray Kroc. He dropped out of high school and helped found McDonald with the McDonald’s brothers, and it is now fast food place that is almost everywhere around the world.

The thing is that college is not the only way of making it out in the world and if you really believe that college is not for you, there are other ways of living a financially stable life.

If you really think that you could have a better career that you would enjoy, than I say you should go for it. Going to college is not always the answer and if you are just going to college because everyone else is, then you will most likely not enjoy the experience and may create problems in the future that you might regret. 

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