Schedule Changes Will Add More Afternoon Sections

Campus classrooms will be used more often when the college switches to block scheduling next spring. / David Deridder / el Don

By Joanna Meza

Starting Spring 2015, classes will be divided into morning, afternoon and evening blocks in an effort to balance out classes throughout the day.

“What we’re going to be doing is a more efficient schedule to meet the needs of students,” Linda Rose, vice president of academic affairs, said.

The college is offering additional classes to fill in afternoon gaps, when classrooms are typically empty.

“There’s this strange belief that students don’t want afternoon classes,” said Cher Carrera, interim dean of science, mathematics and health sciences.

From their own impressions, administrators believe that students don’t like going to class in the afternoons.

Some students prefer taking afternoon classes for G.E. courses.

“I think that’s perfect, not too early and not too late.” SAC student, Estefani Magdaleno said.

“Professors are going to be open to whatever is best for the students because that’s ultimately why we’re here,” Matthew Beyersdorf, department chair for English said.

“It’s a mind set shift, but for the most part all the faculty wants to make sure we help students complete their pathways,” Rose said.

The criterion includes more transfer, general education, career technical education and basic skills courses, such as English, math and science.

There could also be positive effects on parking.

“I’m hoping that we will be able to alleviate some of those problems. Especially if we’re offering classes in the most underused times of the day.” Rose said.

Other colleges including Fullerton have started block scheduling.

“In other parts of the country they do this and students seem to move through their programs much faster,” Rose said.