Getting Sleazy

Katy (Amy Smith) encourages her best friend to pose naked in the vignette The Nude Scene./ Daniel Lim/ el Don


By: Jocelyne Poblador

Preview: Outrageous and raunchy play tackles women’s intimate thoughts on sex.

Matt Morillo’s cult hit, Angry Young Women in Low-Rise Jeans with High-Class Issues will be performed by Santa Ana College theatre students over two weekends in October.

SAC’s Theatre Director Chris Cannon chose it because he wanted to bring more contemporary and relevant works that speak to a younger audience.

Barry (Lukas Garcia) gropes Jennifer (Carmen Munoz) in a ruined sexual fantasy./ Daniel Lim/ el Don

“It discusses modern feminism, and in a comedic way. I’m trying to bring in new cutting edge works,” Cannon said.

Morillo wrote five racy and explicit vignettes displaying relationships, sex and whether or not having bush will turn a guy off. The production plays off the notion of opposites-attract in a smart and original way.

Trent Brown plays the boyfriend of a woman who started taking the pill because they wanted to have unprotected sex.

“He’s trying to coach his friend on how to act while trying to keep everything together, because for the last few nights she’s been going crazy,” Brown said of his character Brian.

He channeled how to portray the extreme emotional range of the scene through his real-life experience of dealing with a girlfriend who was on the pill.

“I enjoy this show a lot more because it’s easier to relate to,” Brown said.

In the vignette Play Time In The Park, Ronnie (Dominique Collins) watches as Sarah (Jessica Gonzalez) and Rebecca (Kristine Kang) fight over virginity./ Daniel Lim/ el Don

The production will stay true to Morillo’s script as he works closely with Cannon and the SAC Theatre Department. Morillo and original off-Broadway cast member Jessica Moreno will speak to the audience after the show.

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