Who do you remember this Dia de los Muertos?

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Dia de los Muertos ofrenda. Photo Illustration by Geovanni Esparza and Danha Sanchez

Reporter Daniela Derramadero asked SAC students about how they honor and celebrate their loved ones.

“I am actually remembering two lives. My grandpa and my grandma. My grandpa is from my mom’s side. It’s actually my great grandpa but yeah he was like a dad to me too. His name was Gill Miranda. And then my great grandma Beatriz Diaz” – Sammy Miranda

“ My dad. He is an important figure in my life. He passed away when I was younger and of course, I will remember him always. His name is Sergio Enrique Roman” –Guadalupe Roman Sanchez

“My great grandma. She passed away because of a medical condition and she had amnesia. She was fine for a while but it got worse over time.” –Ivan Flores 

“Whose life I will be remembering is my uncle. He passed away a year ago. He died from Covid. We are remembering him because he played a big part in our family.” – Leonardo Ramirez

“This year and every year for dia de los muertos I am remembering my brother. He was a student at Santa Ana College. So I just want to keep his memory alive here at the school and set an example and keep his legacy alive and finish school for him.” –Elena Mendez

“Este Dia de los Muertos I am remembering my bisabuelos. For me and my family especially for my mom. She will lay out the cempasuchil and will do a rosario for them.” –Denisse Garcia

“I am remembering my sister’s ex-husband who died in a car accident. It is very important for me because it means a lot to my sister.” –Allison Rodriguez

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“The lives I will be remembering are some friends. It is very important because their spirits are still with us and alive”  –Omar Ortiz 

“My dad because I don’t want to forget him because he did many things for me and my family.” -Alejandro Avila 

“The person I will be remembering this dia de los Muertos would be my dad’s friend who passed away a few years ago from cancer. He was really chill. I didn’t talk to him much. But the few times that I did were really memorable moments.” –Alfredo Orozzo

“I will be remembering my brother who passed away last April due to Covid. It’s very important to remember my brother because he taught me a lot of stuff  when I was growing up.” –Joseph Jimenez 

“I will remember my grandma from my dad’s side and my great grandpa from my mom’s side on dia de los Muertos. I celebrate them because I want to remember them and honor them.” –Daniela Chagola

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