Faculty Art Show displays professors’ work through different media

Faculty Art Show 2023
Faculty and supporters attended the opening reception of the Faculty Art Show on Feb. 11. Photo by Danha Sanchez.

The Faculty Art show on the first Saturday back from school featured different pieces of all 17 of our faculty artists who have been very excited to show off their art. Some of these pieces consisted of photography, paintings, and sculptures of a vacuum cleaner and a textured metal classic convertible car. 

Joaquin Palting, who is a new adjunct faculty of photography, made the piece “Los Angeles2020”which is a black and white picture of a dead tree that is surrounded by overgrown grass that Palting found in the middle of Los Angeles. 

Palting expressed how his vision came to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, being isolated from the outside world helped him understand that he wasn’t alone in this world and therefore he wanted to portray something that people would see and understand his vision and the meaning behind his vision.

“I started thinking to myself, what would the city, the geography of Los Angeles look like if human beings were no longer here,” Palting said. 

Palting talked about how he looked for different places all over L.A. that made sense with his vision. In the end, eliminating the images of modern life was all about framing.

“I tried to tell a visual story that just gives the viewer the impression that this area we’re looking at is wild,” Palting said. 

The art show provided different types of art, many of which showed the aspects of the local places, and everything that can be experienced outside of our homes. 

Tim Hower, who is a part-time faculty member, painted the piece ”Red Stripe Shirt”which is a painting of three boys and their skateboards, one of them is wearing a striped red and white shirt, and “Green Stripe Shirt”which is a painting of a little Black boy wearing a striped green and white shirt.  

Hower talked about how “Red Stripe Shirt” and “Green Stripe Shirt” come from different videos he took at a skatepark at Huntington Beach, which he took between 20 and 30 hours to paint onto the canvas. 

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“So what I do is like combine figures from different photos to create compositions of these skateboarders,” Hower said.

Hower’s idea of not focusing on detail came from painting from memory and also combining realism with abstractionism, as well as painting action and movement. “On the artist statement, is kinda more about breaking down into reducing into shapes and colors, and not being so detailed,” he says. 

The gallery will be open from February 8th- April 5th, 2023 on weekdays from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. 

For more information:

  • To go visit Santa Ana College’s other art galleries, call (714) 564-5615 to make an appointment or visit the galleries on the artwalk on March 4th 2023

  • For more information about the faculty art show visit the art gallery in the Fine Arts Building C or call (714) 564-5615, or visit their website www.sac.edu/art 

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