The Best Student Discounts of 2023

Student discounts
Student discounts can make the most of your dollar. Illustration by Jakki Padilla and Kate G. Bustamante.

The cost of living has increased, making it harder for students to spend on themselves and their necessities. 

Thankfully there are ways to decrease your spending to put it back onto your budget or savings. Some of the best ways to save money are to know the inside hacks of frugal living: couponing and discount codes on qualitative necessities. 

Here are some of the best ways for students to get more for their coin.

Sites with a database of multiple site codes specifically for college students


UNi-DAYS is a website that lists discounts from categories such as learning and well-being, beauty, tech, health and fitness, fashion, sports, and media. Student email must be on file and be 16 years or older to qualify for discounts. As of last year, UNi-DAYS has expanded for global student verification in 115 countries allowing students across the world to be eligible to receive their benefits.


SheerID is a discount database for students, teachers, military and medical professionals with discounts on over 186 brands like Converse, Microsoft, DoorDash, Michaels, Groupon and Nike. Discounts are available for apparel, e-commerce, entertainment, fashion, health and beauty, lifestyle, outdoor gear, streaming services, subscriptions, and technology/software. Must show proof such as student id, class schedule, and tuition receipt. Shop is a United States government-approved database used by intuitions such as the DMV, IRS, state benefits, and Social Security. With that same account, you can use your student credentials to save money using the site. Some categories include appliances, furniture, bed and bath, bags and accessories, books and magazines, camping and outdoors supplies, computers, contacts, glasses, education, travel and textbooks.

Retail and Tech


Apple’s Education Discount offers a $100 discount on Macbook computers and displays. No verification is needed, just a visit to their education pricing site.


Samsung offers a student discount service or Education Offers Program that receives discounts depending on holidays or average days. Students must be confirmed with and have a .edu email to access their offers.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers students discounts without student verification, select student deals on the website. Some categories include living room essentials, kitchen, study essentials, outdoors, and cleaning/organizing. Another way to get more affordable discounts is through their certified refurbished catalog.

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Amazon requires you to utilize your student email to get Amazon Prime student benefits. First-time sign-ups will give you access to Prime free for six months, and then after a monthly service of $7.49.


Adobe offers Adobe Creative Cloud for the reduced price of $19.99 for the first year with a contract, after it is $29.99 per month under contract. You must confirm your student status with a student email. 

You may also pay $239.88 for the first year and $359.88 after the first year. 

Some programs include Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom and Acrobat Pro.


Spotify, Hulu (with ads), and SHOWTIME

When students sign-up for Spotify Premium for the first time, they will receive a free month of Spotify and services from Hulu and SHOWTIME. Must verify through SheerID.

Price: $4.99 a month

Hulu (with ads)

If you want Hulu without Spotify, Hulu offers a student discount with a 75% off discount. Must be verified through SheerId.

Price: $1.99 a month

Apple Music

Apple offers students 48 months (4 years) with a limited subscription to Apple TV. First-time buyers get the first month for free. Must be verified through UNi-Days to qualify.

Price: $6 per month

Youtube Premium or Youtube Music Premium

Youtube offers one free month of Youtube or Music Premium with verification of SheerID. Youtube Premium is Youtube videos without ads, and Youtube Music Premium works.

Price: $4.99 per month 

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