IN PHOTOS: SAC Performers Embrace Their Roots with Traditional Dance

Mayra Toscano bring a powerful, emotional performance to choreographer Cyrian Reed’s dance paying homage to Hurrican Katrina, “Levees – The Waters We Must Stand On.” Ashley Ramynke / el Don

Immersed in the spotlight figures float across the stage, depicting stories of cultures and traditions that unfold with each movement. From the seats of Phillips Hall Theatre, the audience is transported to the shrines of Japan, the fields of Scotland and the water-flooded streets of New Orleans.

At Santa Ana College’s annual Dancewatch concerts Roots/Branches … Embracing Our Past and Present, faculty choreographed five pieces that reveal how both traditional and contemporary dance utilize movement as a form of visual storytelling.

“[Dance is] something that helps break the boundaries between artistry and day-to-day life,” Ricky Vazquez, a third-year dance major, said.

The works were inspired by each choreographer’s travels, personal experience and cultural roots.

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