IN PHOTOS: SAC Performers Embrace Their Roots with Traditional Dance

Dancers stand before the audience with branches in hand prior to the final bow. Ashley Ramynke / el Don

Figures immersed in the spotlight float across the stage, depicting stories of cultures and traditions that unfold with each movement. From the blood-red seats in Phillips Hall Theatre, the audience is transported to the shrines of Japan, the fields of Scotland and the water-flooded streets of New Orleans.

At Santa Ana College’s annual Dancewatch concerts Roots/Branches … Embracing Our Past and Present, faculty choreographed five pieces that reveal how both traditional and contemporary dance utilizes movement as a form of visual storytelling.

“[Dance is] something that helps break the boundaries between artistry and day-to-day life,” Ricky Vazquez, a third-year dance major, said.

The works were inspired by each choreographer’s travels, personal experience and cultural roots.

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Ashley Ramynke

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