“Vivid Images in Motion” is the biggest dance concert since COVID-19

One stage, five dancers
Anayeli Uriostegui, SAC dancer during the Vivid, Images in motion concert.

Collaborations from outside dance companies made this fall semester the biggest in Santa Ana College history, according to dance department co-chair Heather Gillette. Nannette Brodie dance-theater, a legendary dance company from Long Beach, and Fuse Dance Company brought dance pieces to Santa Ana College’s Phillips Hall.

SAC dancers auditioned at the beginning of the semester to perform in this dance concert. ‘The dance audition was a wonderful turnout… considering we are coming out of the pandemic,” said Dance Department Co-Chair Heather Gillette during an interview.

Nannette Brodie, head of Nannette Brodie Dance Theater, was happy to work with the Dons. 

Nannette Brodie Dance Theater, a dance company that has toured the states for over three decades, choreographed for the Dons. “She’s going to be bringing her dance company to our concert as well as setting an exceptional work for our students,” said Gillette. 

“They’re very dedicated, they have various levels of technical ability but I feel like there’s a lot of passion,” said Brodie describing the commitment to the concert from SAC dancers.

Part-time faculty Joshua Estrada-Romero sets Phillips Hall’s stage on fire with his own company Fuse Dance Company

Joshua Estrada-Romero, a part-time professor at SAC, also brought their dance company, Fuse Dance Company to perform. 

“It’s exciting to work with new choreographers. Joshua is now back as a professor,” said SAC dancer Anayeli Uriostegui, who headlined three pieces during the concert.

Lillyana Ramirez, a SAC graduate, returned to perform at Phillips Hall and said, “I am looking forward to dancing with new dancers.”

The concert was full of bright colors and social justice pieces honoring casualties in recent world conflicts and natural disasters like the Maui fires which took 97 lives, and nearly 9,000 casualties from Gaza.

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Tickets were $10 for general admission.

SAC faculty Heather Gillette choreographs a piece in honor of those who passed during the fires in Hawaii.

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