Sango Delivers Anticipated Sophomore Album

In The Comfort Of is Soulection producer Sango’s sophomore album / Courtesy of Sango

Fusing hip-hop, R&B and syrupy electronic grooves, Soulection-affiliated producer Sango released “In the Comfort of,” his sophomore studio album. After achieving wide commercial success with his first album, “North,” Sango proves he has no difficulty producing danceable, smooth and accessible beats.

The Seattle-based producer is recognized for flipping various Brazilian samples into dance floor hits, drawing great influence from baile funk. Sango thrives on cross-genre mixing, seaming the familiar sounds of classic R&B, hip-hop and the music that fills the streets and homes of Brazilian favelas, and it continues to guide his latest commercial release.

With “In the Comfort of,” Sango places more emphasis on hip-hop and electronic rhythms, delivering Brazilian influences sparingly. Sango blankets each track with a smoky veil, whisking together a dark, hazy atmosphere. Rather than taking the forefront, Sango’s production sets the stage for his features, allowing their varying influences to shine. On “Mateo 2.19,” Dave B. delivers confident bars with echoing, whimsical support vocals from Romano Franceswa.

What keeps this album true to Sango’s definitive style is his manipulation of comforting, mellow and vulnerable sounds. On the track “Sweet Holy Honey,” Sango binds R&B singer Xavier Omar’s sweet vocals with a warped synth and a driving baseline. On “Implications,” listeners are greeted with a sultry lick from a saxophone, before waltzing in to the patient strut of the bass and teetering hi-hats.

Sango’s innovative approach to underground electronic is what continues to seat him as a dominant force in the underground music scene. “In the Comfort Of” is a refreshing addition to the electronic music, boasting its flexibility and accessibility, while flexing its muscles against his contemporaries.

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“In the Comfort of” is now available on all streaming platforms and is guaranteed to be worth a listen.

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