Empty Graves at the Gardenwalk

Courtesy of The Empty Grave
Courtesy of The Empty Grave

By: Nashe Harley and Valeria Bautista

Monsters bang on the walls and fill the living with terror, leading them through a trail of entrails through the darkened corridors of the Empty Grave Haunted House.

Michael and Adrienne Talarico started their business nine years ago after their shared love of Halloween inspired them to start terrorizing people for a living. Michael Talarico loved terrorizing people since he was a little hellraiser.

“Every year we tear everything down, so everything is new.” Adrienne Talarico, co-owner of the empty Grave Haunted House said.

Creatures scurry through the maze, hiding in corners while making loud, clanging noises behind the walls, causing shivers to go down the maze goers’ spine.

After making it through the haunted house, visitors can grab a bite to eat or even catch a movie at the Garden Walk.

“This year was more terrifying and there were a lot more surprises,” Stacy Ellis said. She and her family have been visiting the Empty Grave for several years now and say it gets better every year.

Every year before the season starts, The Empty Grave assembles an all-volunteer cast of monsters. “The volunteers design all their own costumes and they put a lot of effort into them,” Adrienne Talarico said.

The Empty Grave Haunted House is located on the second floor of the Anaheim Garden Walk 321 W. Katella Ave.

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