Student Life Made Easy




By: C. Harold Pierce and Jocelyne Poblador

With essays, exams and all-nighters sure to come, college is tough enough as it is. When you add in the long hunt for a parking spot, sky-high textbook prices that break the bank and stressful classes, you might be tempted to leave and never come back. But don’t drop your classes for a refund just yet. From parking strategies to textbook secrets, el Don has you covered. We’ve created a guide full of hints, tips and tricks to help you beat those back-to- school blues and conquer your first semester at SAC.

1. Cash and Wits Combined

Splitting textbook costs with a study buddy can save money.Buying is not the

BOOKSTOREonly option.Some professors leave textbooks on reserve at Neally Library, available for two hours at a time. “There are professors who put books on reserve every year,” Library Tech 2 Linda Mills said.By selling back textbooks on sites like, students can often get more than the 10% minimum the Don Bookstore offers.




2. Parking Like a Pro

Campus security does not enforce parking for the first two weeks of the semester. The lots west of College Avenue are rarely filled, and a little exercise never hurts. After that, permits are required, but neighborhoods around campus are within trekking distance. Washington Blvd., south of campus, and English Street to the West, do not require parking permits. Be warned: campus security patrols do not extend into the neighborhoods. Also, watch out for street sweeping.

3. Mind and Body

Condoms and lubricant are available for no

cost at the Health and Wellness Center,
condoms in U-120 around the corner from the bookstore, and it also offers Plan B and birth control for less than $15.

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“We are the best-kept secret on campus,” Health Services Coordinator Rebecca Barnard said. Health Services also offers free short-term counseling for students and couples therapy.



4. Where To Go When You Need To Go

Holding it is never a good choice, and leaving campus is time consuming. Instead check out these spots: The bathrooms in the Music Building, on the east side of campus, are small but tidy.  The second floor bathrooms behind the cafeteria are rarely used. The stalls even have air fresheners at times.For a throne fit for royalty, check out the first floor of the S-Building. The stalls are immaculate. Remember, just because they’re in the administration building doesn’t mean they’re only for administrators.



For food that is quick, cheap and better than what’s in the freezer aisle, try some of these mug-meals ready in less than two minutes.



Stoves are overrated.

With cream cheese, eggs and tomatoes, a quick quiche can
be whipped together in a mug and microwaved in about a minute.




Up the ante of instant ramen and cheddar cheese by

mixing them together with coffee creamer. It surpasses any hot water cheese powder pasta.





Simulate campfire s’mores at
home without using an open flame. Combine
Smores,-Lomeli,-STYLEpeanut butter cups, marshmallows and cinnamon sugar graham crackers. Completed in 60 seconds.






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