Team Stream app by Bleacher Report



The world of sports is a busy one. Trying to keep up with all the news about your team can be difficult, but Bleacher Report has an app that can keep you updated about your favorite teams at all times with articles from around the web.

The app is called Team Stream, which pretty much sums up how the app functions. Users input what teams they want to know about and it presents them with info in a consolidated format.

The app covers everything from the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, PGA, and many other sports including European soccer and college athletics. Not only does Team Stream offer a combination of news about your teams, it also sends alerts of scores and breaking news.

I’m a huge sports fan and have never been too excited about the available apps for scores and news. This is the best app for pure news. The most unique feature is the fact that they combine news from various sources around the world. You can find Bleacher Report’s Team Stream on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device for free in their respective app stores.

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