Movie review: Project X

Just when you thought you knew how to throw an amazing house party, Project X comes around and makes you think otherwise.

High School senior Thomas Kubb is turning 17 and his parents are leaving for the weekend. Kubb’s two best friends, JB and Costa, decide to throw him an epic party to boost their popularity, and up their chances of getting laid. The party starts off like any normal party, but quickly spirals into chaos. Everything from vases breaking to a whole neighborhood being set on fire all happens within a short period, and before you know it 50 people turn into 1500.

Project X was marketed as a mix between The Hangover and Superbad, which describes the plot of it perfectly. It really isn’t similar to The Hangover, but is almost exactly the same as Superbad, just more hectic.

The movie was filmed with both high-end cameras and iPhone’s that were given to the extras, making you feel as if you were there. The soundtrack features bass and synth heavy songs that blast throughout the movie, bringing the real-life party experience to your seat.

As a far as the movie goes, it isn’t award worthy, but for entertainment purposes it can’t get much better. Costa, a Jonah Hill-like character, brings in the obnoxious comedy, with his approach to both girls and life. JB is the typical socially awkward friend who is desperate to get some action and be popular, leading to him jumping off the top of a two-story house.

The movie isn’t worth a full-price ticket, so look for a matinee or a theatre that offers a good student discount.

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