Snow covered paradise


Snowmaking and a weekend storm sent scores of people up to Big Bear Mountain for the opening day to ride.

The snow fell unseasonably early this year, moving the first day of the season to Nov. 9 instead of the end of the month.

“Normally, Big Bear Mountain tries to open up around Thanksgiving,” Ski Marshal Brad Michaels said. “We have been blowing snow for five days and the storm over the weekend gave us about four to six inches of snow, so we knew the mountain would be in good shape to open up early.”

A day trip is less costly than a season pass. A lift ticket for a young adult (13-21) is priced at $46 during the week, and adults (22+) pay just $10 more. Half-day tickets are cheaper, but purchase a full day just in case. If you get too tired, you can always receive a voucher for your next visit.

For those who frequent the snow, a pass is the way to go. A Dual Mountain Season Pass for the young adult category is $319; adults drop $399 for a pass. Passes can be purchased at both mountains at the Season Pass Office. Pricing on passes can be expensive. Before investing in a pass, be sure that snowboarding is a sport you love and want to come back to shred during winter.

“The best pass to get would be the Dual Mountain, Summit and Bear, mid-week plus Sunday,” Steve Roberts said, who was taking care of everyone purchasing passes on opening day. “It depends on how often you board, but most of the locals invest in that pass since Saturday is the busiest day and they want to avoid the mountain then.”

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When it comes to the gear, it is all about personal preference and style. Most boarders sport bright, loud colors. Black and white are always available, but pair it with something neon so you stand out. The tackier your outfit, the more you blend into the crowds instead of the solid white of the mountain.

Renting snowboarding equipment is not as expensive as everyone thinks. Sports Chalet loans out boards and bindings for $35 a day, and anything over that is an additional $20 per day. If you head up the mountain without gear, prices stay the same at Goldsmith’s House of Boards.

So if you do not have a board, go rent one, skip the bunny slopes, go for double black diamond, carve the snow and hit some jibs and jumps brah.

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