Global: Whisker Time


With a great beard comes great responsibility.

The history of No Shave November began in Australia in 2003. The name was originally coined Movember, “mo” for mustache, where men actually shaved leaving only their manly ‘staches’ symbolizing the awareness of prostate cancer.

No Shave November is now a popular and educational month that identifies the worth and meaning of celebrating masculinity. On Nov. 1, men register at with clean-shaven faces. All month long, razors are forsaken and ‘mos’ of varying length, shape, and color are grown.

Last year, Mo-Bros,as the participants are nicknamed, raised more than $52 million for prostate cancer awareness.

Some students regard No Shave November as a tradition where males compete in growing the most lavish facial hair in an attempt to display their abundant testosterone.

Taking part in this tradition is not an excuse for men to escape normal practices of good hygiene, although you may notice some men begin to resemble vagabonds at the office.

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