Opinion: Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has one of the most profitable companies in show business, Happy Madison Productions, so why does he feel the need to take on two ridiculous roles in a movie that he wrote and produced? Jack and Jill is a slap in the face to his fans, his career, and serious comedians everywhere.

Remember when he was funny? I do, and it was in classics like The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore. Hell, I’d take Big Daddy or Little Nicky quality at this point. What happened?

I understand that Sandler has the urge to take his career in different directions from time to time. Spanglish and Funny People were both enjoyable films, but this latest attempt at “comedy” is sad.  Sandler has resorted to drag, and it isn’t good drag either.

The man who brought us Bobby Boucher Jr and Billy Madison went Tyler Perry (read Madea) when he should have gone Tim Curry. There is a fine line actors must walk when playing the opposite sex. Robin Williams made us believe he was a maid. I can almost believe Martin Lawrence could be my Big Momma. But Jill would stick out like a sore thumb even in while thanking Wong Foo.

When Wesley Snipes makes a more convincing and tolerable woman than you, you’re doing something wrong.

Sandler should take a lesson from the name of the production company he uses to churn out his films. Both Happy and Madison should have more of an influence on his career than a last call in the Castro District.

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