A glimpse into Adrian life, passion and music


Adrian Watkins taking a break with his guitar in handA student, guitar in hand, sits adjacent to his psychology book on a bench, strumming soft, soothing notes that permeate throughout the bustling Quad. Adding an air of tranquility to counteract the boisterousness, Adrian Watkins plays his Martin acoustic guitar as he observes his fellow Santa Ana College students.

A psychology major, Watkins is on the road to success; both a talented musician and singer, he is simultaneously pursuing two of his dreams.

“I want to do as much in my life as possible,” he said.

While music is his passion, Watkins also has an interest in how people think and behave.

The freckle-faced Watkins has always been fascinated by human relationships. Learning how the brain works, he says, makes his music better relate to his audience.

Blending music and science began when a teenage Watkins picked up a guitar and taught himself to play. He had been singing since childhood, but the guitar added another dimension to his project.

With a soulful voice reminiscent of Musiq Soulchild, Watkins describes his sound as indie-alternative-soul. Among other artists, City and Color and Jeff Buckley influence his own musical style. His fluid sound belies his 22 years by harnessing such power, control, and range, it breaks down emotional walls, allowing the listener to feel the passion exuding from his 5-foot-8-inch frame.

To date, Watkins has performed at clubs around L.A. and Hollywood, including The Roxie and Key Club. He has recorded and is in the process of mastering his EP.

Adrian’s music video for his song “California Rain” sheds some light on the man behind the sound. Showcasing an intimate side of him, Adrian is shown in different locations experiencing life as it happens with the occasional splash of “rain.”

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Watkins’ personality, talent, drive and charisma are displayed during his free “Quad concerts” where you can find him serenading the campus.

Whether on the radio, TV or behind a psychologist’s desk, Adrian Watkins is on his way to enjoying the sunrise after the “California Rain.”

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