Boots made for fashion


In her trendy black boots, American Eagle assistant manager Jessica Tenaglia maneuvers around, checking on customers. Normally in a pair of flip flops, Tenagalia wanted to dress up, which is why she wore her Steve Maddens along with stockings, frilly skirt, cute cami and cropped bomber jacket.

Boots are a major statement in the fashion industry. They did not begin as a trend, however, but as work wear for men. Dating back to the 18th century in England and even earlier in other countries, boots have maintained their functionality while increasing in popularity and bridging gender lines.

Over time, boots crossed over into the fashion industry where they underwent transformations but kept some characteristics of their earlier history. While some types of boots are still mass-produced for work-related environments, other hand-crafted boots play a big role in today’s fashions. Now produced in various styles, lengths, colors and textures, they are a key component in most women’s wardrobes, especially when boots come into season in the winter.  Southern California’s stable weather makes them a year-round style.

It’s not just leather boots for work anymore. The fashion industry transformed them by adding a few flashy objects: rhinestones, zippers, patches, and, of course, heels.

Fashion is about the wearer’s sense of style influenced by runway trends. Boots have been around for ages and fashion added another element. Still, Boots remain a functional choice of footwear for both men and women.

“They just make your outfit cuter,” Jessica said, before she returned to her customers.

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